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I’m Changing Meal Times After Studying Nutrition and Health for Three-fourths of a Century

I am now changing my meal times to preserve and enhance my cognitive abilities and stay healthy. The human brain and body are not programmed for a 24-hour feast every day. Digestion and body maintenance require time and work. Science never really understood why we need sleep. Modern computer scanning technology can now watch as the brain is working

My Body and Brain Will Detox and Rebuild Themselves

  • My body and brain need to fast—every night—from supper until breakfast (break-fast).
  • After my food is digested the hard work begins.
  • This is when my brain repairs and detoxes itself and my body.
  • Alzheimer’s disease is a major concern for today’s people.
  • Most religions advocate a fasting period to cleanse the body.

Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein considered that most people ate too much. Edison said he got so much done because he ate very little. He said most people are food-drunk most of the time.

The most important time of the day, for my body and brain, is when I am hungry between meals. This is clean-up time, this is when things like heavy-metals, pesticides, and a host of ‘junk’ is removed. This is the time when my brain is detoxed. Our brain and body need this time to clean house so changing meal times is a great way to accomplish this.

A New Eating and Sleeping Routine

  • My evening meal will be around 6:00 pm—about three hours before bedtime.
  • Breakfast (Break-fast) will be around 10: am.
  • I now have a window of 8 to 10 hours to eat and drink all I want to.
  • My lunch will be around 2:00 pm. (My evening meal at about 6:00 pm.)
  • Eventually I will combine breakfast and lunch, and just eat a noon meal.
  • I delay my breakfast (break-fast) for a few hours to give my brain and body time to rebuild itself. Modern brain-scans show that the brain needs this time to detoxify and rebuild itself. This will allow 14 to 16 hours for brain and body maintenance.

In My Quest of Health and Happiness I am Rescheduling My Meals

Eating Should be Fun and I Should Never be Hungry

My Health and Happiness Depend on Digestion and Sleep

My Health and Happiness Depend on Digestion and Sleep

  1. I drink most of my liquids through the day and drink sparingly in the evening and night. Most of my water is at room temperature (winter or summer). I like black coffee which I drink any time through the day.
  2. I do not count calories, nor measure portions—I eat as much as I want, lots of fat meat and use extra oils.
  3. Nutrient dense foods to supply my high-energy needs. I will eat enough red meat and certain sea foods.
  4. Over the last 20 years I took processed foods and starches out of my diet—including (potatoes, carrots and all cereal grains –especially corn).
  5. Plenty of good tuna, sardines, anchovies, cod-liver-oil (These are the seafoods I trust.) No farm-raised seafoods.
  6. I will avoid all man-made oils—especially corn oil, canola oil, and all processed vegetable oils. Coconut oil, and olive oil are my choices of oil. I will keep experimenting with oils like avocado and other “whole” oils.
  7. I avoid raw greens. Because the plants don’t want to be eaten. They produce Lectins that cause problems with digesting.  (Dr. Gundry).
  8. I eat plenty of cooked greens, like cabbage, spinach, collard greens and asparagus. Tomatoes and bell peppers—especially red peppers because they are ripe. Lots of onions and garlic.
  9. Little or no fruit or fruit juice—too much sugar.
  10. When I have a problem, I need to look back 12 to 36 hours to discover the cause.

I Will do My Utmost to Avoid and Remove the Chemicals from My Food

These various chemicals have been added to help get fresh food from around the world to my table. Most can be naturalized or removed by washing in a solution of vinegar and water 5/1.

Nutrient Dense Foods and a Widely Varied Diet Will be My Constant Guideline. Changing meal times will regulate when I consume these foods.

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