Workplace Injuries

Today’s workplaces have taken the heavy physical loads from us. Our jobs now require long hours of placid attention to details. To stay healthy we must take a hard look at what is required for our physical and mental health.

Healthy Neck Posture Muscles Connected To Skull Natural Position

Introduction: Dowager’s hump is caused by bad neck posture. Healthy neck posture can prevent Dowager’s hump. Muscles connected to your


Dowager’s Hump is Not Inevitable

Dowager’s Hump Can Be Easily Corrected! Dowager’s Hump is Not Inevitable

Cervical part of the spinal column.Atlas Vertebrae

When in the proper posture, the skull is nearly balanced and needs very little effort by the big muscles to remain looking toward the horizon.

Relaxing is easyRelax your mind and body

Tension can literally and physically tear our bodies into bodies into pieces. It can cause terrible physical and mental damage.