Poems of life

Ode To A 12-Pound HammerOde To A 12-Pound Hammer

This ode to a 12-pound hammer tells of how much I value this simple tool. It served me well over the years and deserves a rest.

Faith McCulloughFaith

Spring is here Blossoms in the snow Soft winds in the grass Once again I think of Faith Like a


The WeddingThe Wedding

The wedding tells a tale of two people getting married. However, things are not always as they seem.

Healthy Outlook On LifeHealthy Outlook On Life

Having a healthy outlook on life builds you up. You feel more in tune with everything around you. Healthy Outlook


The Federal InvestigatorThe Federal Investigator

The Federal Investigator had the mysterious coin collector step forward and open the safe. There was a subpoena that stated that he must.