Poems of Health

Are you looking for a little inspiration to your healthy lifestyle? Try reading some poems of health. Thinking healthy is one of the first steps to creating a healthy lifestyle!

Berries For HealthBerries For Health

Juicy berries are usually bright colors. Furthermore, they do not have a pit in them. Also, berries come in different


Feet and ShoesFeet And Shoes

Feet and Shoes. Upon you I stand. I run, walk or die. Athlete’s foot. Ingrown toenails. Blisters. Fungus among us.


Allergies can wreak havoc at any time of the year. This is just a fun little way of talking about many causes of common allergies that are suffered today. Not just by me and those I know, but by a multitude of other characters too.

The Ocean Called MeThe Ocean Called Me

The ocean is peaceful or it can be strong and violent. It reaches out to many people who enjoy visiting.


Old Age Came to See Mee

Old Age Came to Me     A stranger came knocking, knocking. A stranger came knocking. When unanswered—he hammered— Ever


Jim Mahon

    Jim Mahon Gerald L. Kyle WWW.healthyoldgoat.com  They came traipsing across the fields In the spring of life In


Merry Mary My Misty Maiden

Merry Mary My Misty Maiden Amid a misty Monday morning in the merry month of May Merry Mary and the


Self Respect

Self Respect  I learned to accept myself today   With all my blemishes And failings And skeletons on the shelf


Role Model

You Can Be Role Mode Gerald L. Kyle WWW.healthyoldgoat.com         You don’t need to be a giant


The Saga of Harry Becker

The Saga of Harry Becker   This is a true story The names and places Have not been altered To


My Olfactory Bulb

      In the sinus cavity above the mouth I reside Away up under the ancient serpent brain I


Barefoot Coolies

I watched the collies carry the heavy yokes Baskets of coal swinging on each side Long lines going to and