Mental Health

BE A RELAXED PLAYER IN LIFE-TENSION IS THE ENEMY OF ENERGYBe a Relaxed Player in Life-Tension is the Enemy of Energy

Be a Relaxed Player in Life for health and happiness. It all starts with you and a smile To Be


The SingerThe Singer

This is a tale of the singer Manikine Leonardo Breckenridge. This story reminds us to never stop trying. The Singer


I Am My Own Best FriendI Am My Own Best Friend

I am my own best friend. The task belongs to me to care for myself. If others become my friends as well that’s fine. You cannot be good and kind to others if you aren’t kind to yourself.

Anger ControlAnger Control

You must practice anger control. By controlling your anger you remain strong. Set the anger alive in your enemies. This is how you will defeat them.

Big Bopper TwoBig Bopper Two

Big Bopper Two written for my writers group called “Focus on Fiction”. The thesis statement is, “it wasn’t so bad running out of fuel … until”.