Healthy Bones

Your bones are where your blood is manufactured.

Eat a Widely Varied Diet

Eat a Widely Varied Diet Our ancestors ate what they could find, where and when they found it. Apparently, they


Eat greens, especially, raw greens.We are at risk of Iodine deficiency diseases

We are not eating enough greens grown in fertile soil and we are not getting fish that is raised on natural foods.

Fatigue and its Causes

The human heart might beat for a hundred years without ever stopping–but it rests between every beat.

Tuna Salad for Health and Energy

I like this humble Tuna Salad as a complete meal because it provides me with energy that lasts many hours. This Salad has greens, protein, and carbohydrates; everything here is compatible for good digestion.

Jo's "Rock-stompen" Coleslaw

Jo’s “Rock-stompen” Coleslaw Coleslaw can be a powerful dish. Coleslaw is a natural health food–one of the best available. Coleslaw


Watermelon is a Wonderful Health Food

Watermelon is a Wonderful Health Food We need more watermelon in our diet. For the hot days of summer watermelon


Green Beans are a Powerhouse of Food.

Green beans are grown in the rich soil of the North East, South East and Midwestern United States. This soil is important to obtaining the proper nutrients.
Green beans are an important food that helps build strong bones.

Onions for Health and Happiness

Onions for Health and Happiness Onions should be included in your daily diet. Don’t skimp on onions in your daily


Red Beets are a Wonderful Food for Energy.

Red Beets are a Wonderful Food for Energy. The Olympians drank beet juice. They probably drank it because it reminded


Lysene for healthWho needs Lysine in their daily diet?

If you want strong bones, cartilage, skin, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissue you need to have lysine in your daily diet. Lysine helps prevent fatigue, dizziness, anemia energy, and in general, promotes good health.

Cervical part of the spinal column.The Atlas Vertebrae

Your total health and happiness depends upon the health of your neck. Without a healthy neck your journey through life will be much more difficult.
Your skull is perched on top of the Atlas Vertebrae and the brain stem extends into this portion of the spinal column. It is also contains the attachment points for the upper cervical spine to the skull.

Muscle Imbalance Causes Muscle and Joint Pain

Muscle Imbalance Causes Muscle and Joint Pain Most of our physical problems and handicaps are the results of unbalanced muscles.