Dowager's Hump Is Not InevitableDowager’s Hump is Not Inevitable

Dowager’s Hump Can Be Easily Corrected! Dowager’s Hump is Not Inevitable

Atlas Vertebrae More InformationAtlas Vertebrae More Information

When in the proper posture, the skull is nearly balanced and needs very little effort by the big muscles to remain looking toward the horizon.

How Office Chairs Affect HealthHow Office Chairs Affect Health

Do office chairs affect health? You may be surprised how office chairs affect health. I know a lady who worked in


Modern Workplace InjuriesModern Workplace Injuries

Our work stations can be causing our modern workplace injuries However, we need not be helpless, innocent victims of these


User Friendly Computer StationUser Friendly Computer Station

The User Friendly computer station. To be a happy camper, your workplace must be user friendly and you need to pay attention to creature comforts.