Build On Your Strengths

Build On Your Strengths

Build on your strengths and you will improve your weaknesses. You are in control of your life. Don’t make excuses. Don’t put other things first. You can be happy and successful when you build on your strengths.

Build On Your Strengths

We will always have our weaknesses.

But we must not let them control our life.


They will never be as strong as our strengths.

A rabbit will never swim like a duck.


We each have a natural talent.

Humble or grand it may be.

That which would be fun for life.

And we would never tire of doing.


And I do love to dig a good ditch.

I like to labor with a wheel-barrow.

These are fun to do and show progress.

And are much needed, I know.


But in today’s world of many needs.

I must learn more gentle tasks.

Those that compensate me better.

So, I reluctantly learn other trades.


Another person will dig and move the dirt.

I like to think that he will do as well.

But I don’t see the pleased smile.

I hope he sees a job well done.


Alas, as I get older the hammer gets heavy.

I will one day put down the shovel.

My wheel-barrow and ditches are dug.

I will have chopped my last fire-wood.

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