Baked Carrots for Health and Fun

Baked Carrots are a healthy and fun food. They are full of flavor and contain important nutrients for a healthy life.
In my relentless search for healthy eating I learned to like carrots.

baked carrots for health and fun

Roasted Carrots

Loved By Health Coaches

Carrots are the darling of most health coaches today. They are an ancient food that has helped keep civilizations alive during hard times. Carrots are one of the most widely used and enjoyed vegetables in use today.

  • Promote good digestion, and very few people are allergic to these tasty root vegetables
  • Baked carrots especially, can be important to folks with digestive problems.
  • Contain a well-rounded array of vitamins and minerals that are important to our health: vitamin K, E, B2, copper, folate, B6, C, Potassium and panthothenic acid. Carrots contain beta-carotine which is converted to vitamin A in your liver.
  • Researchers have concluded that carrots are heart-healthy.
  • Include important antioxidants that may help prevent cancer.
  • Important to your eyes, because they are rich in beta-carotine and can help protect and improve your eyes.
  • Useful for enhancement of brain function and memory improvement.
  • Also, this bright vegetable may help protect your liver.

What You Don’t Want For Your Baked Carrots

I avoid “Baby Carrots” because they are not really baby carrots.
Baby carrots in today’s marketplace, are whittled down carrots and bits and pieces of carrots that have been salvaged. They are what is left of big carrots. Once the best parts of the carrot are removed, this core remains.

Be Aware that Carrots are Energy Producing nutrients.

For active people carrots are a good energy food. Besides containing lots of food value they contain a lot of natural sugar for runners and football players.
Although many dieters like to eat carrots, they do contain a lot of natural sugars.
Dips and dressings often contain add ins that are better left out, so use sparingly or exchange for a healthier option.

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