Does Healthy Skin Need Daily Detoxing?

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Are We Keeping Our Skin Too Clean?

By Keeping Our Skin Too Clean We Destroy the Skin’s Protective Barrier

We each have several million pores. These are like hungry little mouths on the skin, the largest organ or our bodies. They expel the body’s unwanted waste products and take in an estimated %16 percent of our needed oxygen. They work as an air conditioner to help keep our internal temperature constant.

  • My thinking is, we are probably cleansing our skin too much.
  • Modern skin cleansers are destroying the skins protective barrier.
  • We permit chemicals to enter our blood stream.
  • Suntan lotion chemicals entering the bloodstream may be harmful.
  • We need to detox our skin with hot baths and sweating.

Our Bodies Protect Our Skin with a Protective Barrier

Our pores are protected by a thin film of Sebum that also helps keep our skin flexible. On its way to the surface sebum carries out waste products, things like dead white corpuscles. This film also provides protection from the sun.

Skin Cleansers Can Destroy the Superficial Barrier of Protection

When we remove this superficial barrier of protection, the oily sebum, we leave our skin squeaky clean. The danger here is we expos our delicate skin and our hapless little pores to the elements—sun and the many chemicals in today’s world.

We Need to be Careful of using too Much Suntan Lotion

Sunscreen chemicals do enter the bloodstream through the pores. However, not much is known about the dangers of importing these chemicals into our bodies. Therefor we should be careful about using too much on skin that has the proactive barrier of sebum removed.

Our Bloodstream Expels Waste Products Through the Pores

The Sebum layer of protection feels like a slimy coating on our face and nose. This is because the bloodstream expels waste products, like dead white corpuscles, in this protective layer of Sebum.
This is a friendly layer of protection that is needed to keep the sun from drying our skin and causing problems, like skin cancer.

I Use the Most Natural Soaps to Avoid Harming My Skin

  • I avoid liquid soaps and other cleansers. A mild soap seems to be the best for me. I look for soap, like Ivory, with few ingredients to be friendly to my skin.
  • I use coconut oil—only. It is in the cooking section at the supermarkets and is economic. I also drink 1/3 cup of each day. Olive oil is good, maybe better, but is terribly greasy—makes me smell like a salad.

We Can Protect the Pores and Skin

With some tender loving care and tough love, we can proceed into ‘old, old age’ (a newer term) with healthy skin. I have been through many obstacles and much sun, wind and rain. At 84 years my skin is still healthy. Good food and healthy living are what it asks for.

I like to take a daily hot bath helps to detox my body and my pores. Heavy sweating cleans the pores without medicines. I avoid modern cleansers because they breakdown the natural protective barriers, sebum barrier, my body builds on my skin.

The Take-home Message here is “Be kind to your skin.

If you are milky-white. Be more careful.”  Coconut Oil works for me but might not be the best thing for you. When in the desert sun—I do not wash my face from day to day. The friendly barrier of greasy film protects me—and my dog don’t need it.

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