Ankles of Steel Easy Exercises

Ankles of Steel Easy Exercises

You can have Ankles of Steel. We really should pay more attention to our ankles—before and after injuries.

Ankles of Steel

Let’s explore some simple exercises that can we can do during our busy day. We need to pay attention to nutrition and the rest of our lifestyle too, but first we will explore ankle strengthening.

These exercises are an overall body exercise and you need to be careful at the beginning. Test yourself for balance and range of motion. Don’t discount the strenuousness of these seemingly simple exercises. Some of the world’s best athletes do these for strength, flexibility and endurance.

The Elephant Swing

This is how you do the elephant swing exercise.

  1. Stand relaxed with your feet spaced close together wide for easy –weak ankles—or close if you have stronger ankles. Gently swing your body all the way left and then all the way right. Go easy at first and pace yourself according to your needs.

You may want to keep one hand near a wall as you do the following exercises.

  1. Stand on one foot and do the exercise above. Keep the raised foots’ toe on the ground to aid in balance.
  2. Stand on one foot and raise the other just off the floor. Make small circles with the raised foot, in one direction then the other.
  3. Now raise the knee and make circles, one direction then the other.

Deep Knee Squats

Deep squats are held in high esteem by many exercise coaches. You may want to be cautious and only do partial squats until you find your pace.

  1. Begin from a relaxed standing position and squat as far as you feel is comfortable for you. As you get stronger you may even sit on your heels as you stretch and strengthen your muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  2. When you are strong enough, try one legged squats. You do these every time that you get into or out of your car. Do be careful.

Heel and toe Lifts

Heel and toe lifts are especially good for people who sit for extended lengths of time. These can be done while sitting aboard an airplane, car or office chair. They can help keep you awake when the preacher gets boring.

  1. Stand relaxed and raise yourself gently onto your toes. Balance yourself and hold that pose for a few seconds. When you are strong enough, especially if you are recovering from an injury, bounce up and down on your toes. Now twist your body as far as you comfortably can.
  2. Now rock onto your heels and raise your toes as high as is comfortable for you.
    When you have proven this to be no problem, rock back and forth from heel to toe—this may be a challenge at first.

Toe curls

  1. While seated, standing or whatever else, curl your toes down and then all the way up. This is a nice way to help the veins in the legs to be stronger and will help to move old blood toward the heart—thus helping to prevent varicose veins. This is a nice way to make your feet, legs, knees and ankles happy.

Many of our finest shoes damage our feet. This happens especially with the heavy padding under our heels. These exercises, especially the one that can be done while seated, can make for happy camping.

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