Add Years To Your Life

Add Years To Your Life

Add years to your life by living a healthy lifestyle. Think outside what you are told is normal, average or the right way to do things. Listen to your body not garbage and misinformation. Drink good water. Eat healthy raw foods. This is how you can add years to your life.

Take Charge of Your Life And Add Years To Your Life

Many I’ve seen die.

Years ahead of time.

Others dwell in misery.

Sacrificed on the alter.

Of pleasure.


Reverse the trend.

Halt the march.

Alter the course.

Proceed in health.


Ask neither God nor man.

Ask yourself.

Take charge of your life.

Walk softly.

Walk proud.


Lay aside the little sins.

Ones that take their toll.

Swell your chest.

The day is yours.


This is your day.

In the sun.

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