Essential Nutrients for healthy bodies

Be nice to yourself.

Plain Groundwater Should Supply Many Basic Minerals Plain water from wells and springs can be a blessing to our bodies. Groundwater can supply us with a variety of Minerals and other nutrients. The Contribution of Drinking Water to Mineral Nutrition

Why I should constantly tweak my diet

Healthy living with essential nutrients builds strong bodies

Finding The Right Food For Me In my quest for health and happiness For over ¾ of a century I have studied an array of nutrient experts, and their advice on what, when, why and how to eat). As a

Everyone Who Wears Eye glasses should Have computer Glasses?

Computer eyestrain can be avoided

Why We Need Computer Glasses I  see many people with their heads craned forward as they  work to accomplish their daily task at the computer. Our heads want to be balanced gently on the Atlas joint. A bunch of head

Food preservatives and our health Why I avoid processed foods. Too many preservatives added to my food. I am not a doctor but over the last 80+years I’ve seen more and more food preservatives added to our processed foods. Also

Brain cleansing

Glymphatic system activation, During sleep, the brain undergoes a process known as glymphatic system activation, which helps to remove waste as it detoxifies the brain. Gymphatic System activation During this time the brain shrinks like a giant sponge and squeezes

We have early morning people and later morning people.

Some people are as grouchy as an old bear until about 10 am and won’t learn much if we are in school too early. I think this Circadian Rhythm does not change from birth until death. I’m an early riser,

The contractor’s disease”

Controlling the Contractor’s disease If your job requires that you spend long hours at your workstation, you will need to find ways to take physical breaks to maintain your own physical health. When you are operating expensive equipment and meeting

Burnout and Allostatic Load‬

Our overworked minds and bodies The word‬‭allostatic‬‭from the ancient Greek‬ ‭word that describes how the‬long term tasks of working our minds and bodies without enough recovery‬from the burden of the everyday struggle to keep at these everyday tasks.‬ Give yourself

Clean Your Lungs With A Breathing Technique

Clean Your Lungs With A Breathing Technique

Stoicism comes to your rescue Clean your air filters every day. Remember that your lungs are a filter that keeps unwanted stuff out and removes other stuff from your blood and body. They need cleaning just like your furnace does